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South of Mombasa lies this ultimate tropical paradise
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Diani Beach is the ultimate tropical paradise on the East African coast. It stretches for roughly 15 kms broken into three sections which include the main Diani beach, Galu and Kinondo. Main Diani beach is where the five star hotels, shopping centers, bars, restaurants and night clubs can be found. Stilts backpackers is roughly found in the middle of the strip so you are only a short walk or tuk tuk ride away....


Stilton Pub - Right where we are.....The menu is fit for backpackers and portions are generous....backpackers prices too

Forty Thieves Beach Bar- Nothing fancy with the menu or the food but edible and set in a gorgeous location. Pizzas are pretty good. Only five minutes walk from us.

Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant - Stunning venue and fancy food. If you have a little bit of spare cash give it a try. Only a four minute walk from us.

Kokkos Cafe- Urban style eatery with the best burgers in town. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. About a seven minute walk from us

Aniellos - Authentic Italian food. A ten minute taxi / matatu ride from us

Havanas - A Cuban inspired restaurant. It's colorful and there are pretty decent mexican style dishes on the menu. Five minute walk from us.

Bidi Badu Beach Bar - This spot started out small but has expanded in a haphazard manner. We still recommend it. If you feel like seafood on the beach this could be your answer. Roughly a three minute matatu ride away.

Nomads Beach Bar - They have the best pizzas in town. Amazing setting and worth going to. A tad bit pricy but you will not be disappointed. Three minute matatu / taxi ride away.


Forty Thieves Beach Bar which is right across from Stilts Backpackers is where our guests end up to continue the party. It is extremely popular with tourists.

Shakatak, Tandoori and Pina Colada are three local spots next to each other. It's always an interesting experience for our backpackers to say the least. Our backpackers have ended up there on many occassions and have always got stories to tell the follwing day. These spots are roughly a three minute taxi ride away.


Baharini Plaza is a five minute walk from us. It has a well stocked supermarket, restaurants, safari companies, boutiques, pharmacy

Nakumatt is at the T - Junction and about a five minute taxi ride away. It is a humungous supermarket and you can find a varety of items here.

You can find all the summery stuff like sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops etc at these supermarkets!


Diani does not have to mean long beach walks and swimming in the ocean only. There is plenty do do in the area.

Sand and Sea Watersports Center is located right next to Forty Thieves Beach Bar. They offer diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, kayaking, SUP

Diani Marine is to the left of Forty Thieves Beach Bar and is well known for its diving. We would highly recommend this spot.

Kaya Kinondo Forest is an ancient forest that you can visit. It is located in Kinondo and is roughly a fifteen minute taxi ride away.

Tiwi River mouth is a popular spot for sundowners. It is roughly a ten minute matatu ride away. They have amazing Baobab trees there here which have been around for three centuries. It also has an eight hundred year old mosque which is now a ruin.

Skydive Diani is located across from us....So if you are a thrill seeker this is it....

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